Saturday, March 31, 2012

"the loveliest castle in the world"

Tim collects a lot of different kinds of world travel books. The numbers of books has increased greatly since moving to Europe. One of the books he has claims that Leeds Castle is "The Loveliest Castle in the World". And for that very reason we went to check it out. (Plus, the website totally claims that title.)

Compared to other castles I have seen it is not one of the top ones. The title should be "The Loveliest Castle Grounds in the World". Even on another gray English day it was beautiful.
It was refreshing to fill our city lungs with fresh country air, hear the natural sounds of nature and wildlife, and see sheep running in the distance. It was a much needed jailbreak for the girls to run with complete freedom and no worries. When we ate lunch we had 6 big peacocks hovering around our table. A much more beautiful sight than the usual pigeons, but beware, these peacocks were not shy to snatch some BBQ crisps!

After viewing the grounds and the castle, we headed toward the maze. It was much better and trickier than the famous maze at Hampton Court. We got so lost. The only way we got to the centre was by me following strangers who had family already in the centre directing them where to go from above. I know, we totally cheated but we were seriously lost for awhile.

With two big Medieval themed playgrounds and a cute train ride back to our car I think the girls would agree that it was another successful weekend.
(Plus, it is General Conference weekend! You should tune in!)


Elaine said...

England looks so nice. I'm glad you had such a good day.

Kari said...

That looks beautiful! I can't wait to visit and to give M and N big, big hugs. They are super adorable.


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