Sunday, March 25, 2012


For the past week Tim has had a car for work and will continue to have the car for the next 2 weeks. So this means... fun weekend day trips planned for us! Wahoo!

Yesterday we went down to see The White Cliffs of Dover. Besides it being one of the many things we have wanted to see in England, part of Marisa's curriculum a few weeks ago we read a book called The Glorious Flight by Alice and Martin Provensen, which is a book about a real life event of Papa Bleriot flying the first airplane across the English Channel in 1909. He flew from France to The White Cliffs Dover! And boy was Marisa SO excited when we told her where we were going!

We literally walked all along the cliffs for a good 2 miles toward the South Foreland Lighthouse. It was a beautiful walk/hike (although I had many mini heartaches along the way. I just kept envisioning me or one of the girls plummeting to our deaths!)

Once we arrived to the lighthouse we noticed a little store that had free kites for people to fly. Perfect! While Marisa and Tim were off in the distance flying a kite, Natalie running her little 2 year old energy off, I laid myself down on the grass still holding Natalie's kite, looked straight up into the sky to soak in the sun's rays, and thought, "Wow. We are flying kites over The White Cliffs Dover." It was certainly another bottle-this-up moment.

Once we were ready to trek back the 2 miles again we quickly stopped at the edge to take a picture. It was freaky but these pictures make it freakier! And yes, that is my cute little family on the other side!
It was such a fun day. Already looking forward to next weekend!


Sara said...

Looks like a perfect day.

Elaine said...

What an amazing day to enjoy a wonderful place. I would love to go there someday.

shannon said...

THE perfect English weekend away! Those kites! Killing me. So perfect. How can this weather be real?!

Kari said...

It looks like snow. How amazing.


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