Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back, again!

We are back from our "wee" trip to Scotland! It was a fun, easy-going trip, and sure glad that there are no squatters in our house upon our return to London. (Ever since reading about them in the paper I have been freaked out! How are these people not prosecuted??)

I'll be posting shortly all about our trip, but for now, here is a Scottish man who played "Wheels on the Bus" for Marisa on his bagpipes!

Now I'm back to reality and I'm bracing myself for...

-days of laundry
-back to school/fall shopping
-immunisations and doctors figured out
-halloween costumes figured out
-home decor project started
-keep trying to get our car sold
-my photography blog updated and completed
-getting my talk and new calling for church all organized.

I basically have loads and loads of planning to do tonight. I'm feeling a little cluttered and unorganized. I hate that. I hear another holiday to Belgium calling?  ;)

1 comment:

Kari said...

What's your new calling? What are the girls going to be for Halloween? What do they do to celebrate Halloween?


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