Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good-bye, Summer?

Did summer ever come? I think I wore shorts maybe 3 times this whole "summer". Oh how I missed the beach, the pools, the water park, snowcones at "sno on the go", the smell of sunscreen, cute swimsuits, need I go on?
Although it didn't really feel like a true summer here in London, fall is my favourite season so I'm getting excited about that. Especially since we don't really get to experience drastic season changes in California. So bring on brightly colored red and yellow leaves, soups, fall clothes, pumpkins, Halloween, and warm British meat pies!!
Speaking of meat pies, I made a delicious, traditional British chicken pie with a side of peas for dinner on Monday. The hubby greatly enjoyed it. And Marisa devoured the peas.

The weather has already changed from gray and lightly chilly, to really gray, cold, and rainy.
Here are the girls building forts yesterday afternoon on a cold and rainy day in London. I have a feeling we will be doing this many times here. But, oh, the childhood memories.

And yes, that is Natalie in the corner. I asked the girls to look up and smile for a second and Natalie insteads folds in half and sticks her bum in the air for me. Thanks Natalie...

Tonight to properly welcome fall, I pulled out 4 tea sets before bed and we all had hot chocolate. Mmmmm. All of our blinds were open so we can look out to see beautiful London all lit up at night.
So perfect.

We heard several loud blows from a boat on the river Thames when Natalie paused and asked, "What's that noise?
Me: "It's a boat on the river."
Natalie: "A boat?! I want go in!"
Marisa: "We already went on a boat. To see the Eiffel Tower."
Natalie: "Eiffel Tower! It's beautiful."
Me: "Yes, it was very beautiful."
Natalie: "Look, Big Ben!" (Pointing out the window)
Tim and Me: "hahaha."
Tim: "That is so cool."

We love that she knows we live in London and that she knows what's out there. Cheers to a new season!

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