Thursday, September 29, 2011

life lately with our two girlies

If I had to pick my favourite age so far for my kids I would pick 2 years old. Marisa was a riot at 2. She said the funniest things and was an absolute doll. Natalie is the same way now. She's still my baby yet her vocabulary and comprehension is exploding and it is so fun to watch her blossom.
And the girls are at the perfect ages too right now. They love playing with each other and can entertain each other so well. They are more independent than ever yet more manageable than ever. Just everything about them right now is plain great. I'm having so much fun with them.
Today they were pretending to be superheroes together.

On the flip side, Tim and I have suddenly fallen victims, well I should say mainly Tim has, of their new independence and cleverness...

For example,

-While lecturing Marisa...
Tim: "Now when are you going to start listening?"
Marisa: "When I'm 6."

-While trying to get the girls to bed...
Tim: "Natalie... (Totally interrupted midsentence by Natalie putting her hand out to stop him from talking and said...)
Natalie: "Hold on, hold on, Tim. Hold on."
She paused, blinked her eyes, then walked away.

-While all 4 of us hanging out on our bed...
Natalie: "Mommy, bite."
Me: "I don't want to bite Daddy."
Natalie: "Ok...kick!"

What is going on???

And then there is Marisa's lying...

Tim: "Who made this mess?"
Marisa: "The squirrel did it."
Tim: "Marisa, the squirrel did not do it."
Marisa: "Yes, it did."
Tim: "Don't lie."
Marisa: "I'm not lying."

On the flip side again...

Natalie never turns down an opportunity to pray. She loves to pray and never requires help. She knows exactly what she wants to say. Every time she prays her voice becomes really soft yet high-pitched. So tender and so sweet.
This was her prayer several nights ago. One of these days I want to record it because it is one of the sweetest things to listen to.

"dear heavenly fathers,
thank you my day,
daddy strong,
daddy work,
thank you strawberries,
and grapes,

(and church), (<-- Tim actully interjected here for a moment)

and castle.

name of jesus christ, amen."

As for Marisa, when I walked into the girls' room soon after putting them to bed, I see this sweet girl asleep, hugging her beloved Georgie.

I have countless pictures of these two together since they meet each other when Marisa was 8 months old. For second, I thought her Jessie doll permanently replaced him but not too long ago when we asked her who she wanted to sleep with Marisa said, "Georgie. Because he misses me." I don't want the time to come yet where she will get too old for him.

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Kari said...

They are so cute. I love what little people say.


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