Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Flashback}: Day 5/Day 6

If you want to see a cute little English town go to York, England. Everything about it is cute, cute, cute.

But before we arrived to York we stopped to see the Rosslyn Chapel. Tim wanted to see it. I didn't care. And we only saw it from the outside. It was a quick stop but again it allowed the girls to get their wiggles out a bit at a really, really, really old graveyard. I'm not sure that was appropriate. Oh well.

Tim is the one in the relationship to "stop and smell the roses", which he inherited from his mother, and which has been passed to Marisa, and so he will always be the one to point out how amazing things look, especially in nature. I on the other hand don't really notice unless it is pointed out to me or I just plainly don't get as excited about sights like that as much as Tim does. But I have to admit, we saw some really pretty sights on our drive down England.

Once we entered York, Tim and I kept saying, "Wow, this is so cute!" It was a lovely little town with so much character.

When we told people we were going to York just about everyone mentioned that we should eat at Betty's Cafe. We love food recommendations. Recommendations on any matter over here is really great.

We were serenaded by a piano player just a foot away from our table while we ate a proper English dinner; I had lamb and Tim had Cumberland sausage. And the meal was rounded off with some pasterries from the bakery inside Betty's. Yummy.

After dinner we went off to see The Shambles. When researching what to see in York before our trip I read that it was "Britain's Most Picturesque Street". So I thought, ok, cool, it will be fun to see really old architecture and take really cool pictures. Although it was cool to see medieval architecture where the building hangs over the street by several feet and the buildings are all warped looking, Tim and I agree it was not THAT cool. I guess I envisioned that I would be transported to a long medieval street. And I wasn't. There were a few cool looking buildings though.

On our way back to the car we saw Clifford's Tower, the keep of York Castle. It is so bizarre to see something so stinkin old surrounded by more modern buildings. It is so weird and neat at the same time!
The original motte and bailey castle on this site was erected by William the Conqueror in 1068! Amazing. This tower was built somewhere between 1245-1262 by order of King Henry III.

Our local trip is now complete. And Tim can proudly say he was never honked at. (Except in Edinburgh Tim asked how he was doing on his left hand side when trying to squeeze in between a car and the median and I said, "Oh, plenty of room," and he accidentally barely nicked the mirror of the car next to us. The driver honked at us to just get our attention but nothing happened to his car. So he blames that honk on me.)
The car rental place told us we could return the car the next day if we wanted which was so sweet because the next day was Sunday which meant we could drive to church! It's all in the little things people! And since it is on my bucket list to drive on the left hand side...


London said...

Love all the vacation jealous! Looks like so much fun...I love Europe! And I love your brown boots in that picture with your girls! Keep blogging about your adventures!!!

Kari said...

Marisa in her boots is too much for me.


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