Friday, September 9, 2011

{Flashback}: Day 2

We lazily woke up in Chester to keep on driving to our final destination. But before we did we made a quick stop to see the Preston, England LDS temple which was only 1 hour away from Chester.

It was of course very beautiful, peaceful, and it felt like home. I love that where ever there is a temple it is always in the most beautiful areas. The Preston Temple was right next to a beautiful golf course and the temple, the chapel, the Distribution Center, which we stopped at to pick up some items for the kiddos, and the MTC were all right along side each other in a row down the street.

After a nice little stop we went back in the car for another 4 hour drive to our final destination. Edinburgh, Scotland.
I'm not a long car-trip kinda person, but I must say that I love having hours and hours of just me and Tim talking. I love talking about whatever with no major interruptions, (except for my naps). And I think he enjoys my company too. :)

I was quite surprised when I saw Edinburgh. I pictured more of a cottagey scenery and green endless pastures in all directions for some reason. That is definitely the case outside the city, but instead I saw only black and dark brown, everywhere.

We arrived in time only to go out for dinner at an Italian restaurant, grocery shop for the next few days, and familiarize ourselves a little with buses and the city a bit.
This was by far the best apartment we have stayed in thus far. We use to book our long stays vs hotels because they are cheaper and we can get way more for our money like multiple bedrooms and the convince of a kitchen, which cuts down food costs for breakfast and lunch.
The owner beforehand asked me what the sex and ages of my children were and she set up their beds accordingly with matching towels. She even had the appropriate toys and movies waiting for them too!

The girls loved it! So much so that Marisa cried when our holiday was over and we had to leave the place. It was such a cute apartment, super clean, and it had everything. Highchairs, some food in the refrigerator and cupboards, cute little kitchen aprons for the girls, loads of toys, it was great! The owner even had a basket of slippers for us to use during our stay and keep if we wish.

Like I said, the girls loved the place and were well occupied while Tim and I cuddled and watched movies too on a big flat screen TV! I love holidays.

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Kari said...

The temple and the grounds look beautiful.


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