Monday, September 19, 2011

{Flashback}: Day 4

We had one more full day in Edinburgh. But what to do? I've always envisioned Scotland with super amazing green grass flowing endlessly in all directions with castles at the edges of lochs. So I wanted to see just that.
Unfortunately, the really amazing sights were another 4 hours from Edinburgh. I did not want to get in the car for more driving. We are just going to have to come again and visit when we are older. Like an old people cruise or something. ;)
Instead, we only drove 2 hours to the Trossachs to find something similar.

Two things went very wrong during those couple of hours. The roads were windy and we ended up not exactly where we wanted to be. And this is where I started to get grumpy.
First of all, I don't like long car rides. Second of all, I get motion sickness really easily. I can't even read in the car for just a few minutes without feeling really sick. So it is no wonder I hate car rides because I have to literally sit for hours and do nothing but stare in space! (Or talk someone's ear off.) And it is no surprise either that my morning sickness with my pregnancies are pretty bad too.

Well, combine these two, and you get, bingo, grumpy me. Hi.

Unfortunately, my girls have inherited this motion sensitivity from me as well. Marisa has thrown up twice from reading in the car and this trip was so windy that although she wasn't reading, she still threw up. Count is now #3 for her in the car. And Natalie has only thrown up from the round-about at the playgroup here in London. Luckily, not on this road trip. She was asleep.

At this point now I had had it. I'm now yelling in the car, "I HATE NATURE!"

Yes. Hi.

My wonderful dear husband just remained all-around pretty calm with all things considered and never said anything the entire time while I am going on about how awful this is.

Tim joked at the end of the day that I am no longer allowed to go back to nature because I said I hated it just like his mom shouted out, "I hate Hawaii" when she lost her wedding ring and his dad and siblings all joked that she is not allowed to go back to Hawaii because she said that. haha But quite frankly, I'm totally ok with not going back to nature!

Anyways, at this point, what to do? Nothing we wanted to see was in view, I wanted to barf, Marisa already did, and we had all been in the car for too long. We luckily and randomly found a little resting/picnic area to eat lunch and take a long break before heading back home for a failure of a trip. But while walking around a bit once we parked we realized there were a few trails up the hill. So we decided just to walk a little bit and let the girls wander and get their wiggles out. As we are walking a steep foresty hill I now say, "Great. Hiking. My next favourite thing." :)

Fortunately for me, it ended up being a really easy trail and a lovely one at that. Check out the view from the top.

Bingo! Just what we wanted to see. It wasn't the lochs I wanted to see, but it was close enough.
Completely peaceful, amazing view, sitting on a bench with no care in the world.
I can settle for this for now.

After awhile, Natalie and I headed back down to the car because the little thing was getting hungry.Tim and Marisa kept on hiking just a little bit more to see what they could see and got some more cool pictures.


L said...

Tanya, you crack me up!!! I laughed out loud reading this, because I miss you and your funny outbursts, and Tim's calm reactions to your funny outbursts, and everything else about your cute, cute family!!! Gorgeous pictures - I'm seriously amazed at all of the incredible sites you've seen!!

Love you!!

Elaine said...

I got your comment about the old folks cruise. However, I'm not sure a cruise would work either. Wayne got sick on one when I was pregnant with Tim because of the motion. I didn't get sick. Just the same, the views are pretty.

Kari said...

This was funny and I can't believe you went on a hike! I love how Tim reacts just as dad would - remain calm and make everyone hike :)

Sara said...

Nice hiking boots.

Jenny Hart Turk said...

Tanya, you guys need to go back before you come back to the States. I have a list of must see Castles for you and some amazing Lochs too :) There are some really picturesque villages that are so quaint, and a photographers heaven.
I recommend staying closer to the 'Highlands' that way it will minimize the driving time to some of the amazing scenery and castles. You just have to get there. Every time I read your blog it makes me soooo antsy to go over! Uggghh if money only grew on trees :)


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