Friday, September 30, 2011

"there is sunshine in my soul today..."

Today was a beautiful day. While Marisa was at school, Natalie and I shared a warm butter croissant while walking in the gently cool park. It was perfect.
Then after playing at the park we sat ourselves on a bench for a snack and soaked in the warm, very warm, sun rays. It felt so good to close my eyes and tilt my head back to physically feel the warmth.  Yes, it is hot and sunny over here! I really needed to feel the sun today.  It totally lifted my spirits.

And I'm so excited for General Conference weekend tomorrow. My soul is in need of major uplifting, reenergizing, and heavenly guidance. Spiritual sunshine for my soul.

For the past several General Conferences we have used this site for Conference packets for the kiddos. Highly recommend it. They have them for all ages.

And another major plus, because the past couple of days have been and will continue to be for the next several days in the mid to high 20s, (celsius, that is), we made a last minute decision a couple nights ago to rent a car and spend the weekend in Wales! We are going to try to soak up as much sun as we can!

Happy Conference weekend!

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Fisher Family said...

Oh, how I love Wales! When Pete and I lived in Bristol we'd go there all of the time. We'd always head over to this little town called Chepstow...nothing super fancy, just cute. Enjoy the beaches there! By the way, your girls are getting so big...especially Natalie! We miss you here! xoxo


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