Saturday, February 11, 2012

#febphoto day 10

Tim and I probably exchange 2 minutes worth of conversation every morning, minimal texts throughout the day, and a hello at midnight.
Busy season bites.

Last night was the first night in weeks where I could spend hours with my love as we celebrated my birthday/valentine's day in the city. It was a very much needed break from reality for the both of us.

Dinner at Jamie's Italian.
I first fell in love with Jamie Oliver when his show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" aired in America. It was like love at first sight. I passionately 100% agreed with everything he said and did and I fully supported and totally signed his Food Revolution petition immediately. And I have been basically following him every since. (Not to mention I use his cookbook at least once a week.)
Now being a celebrity chef from the UK you can imagine what a big deal he is here. Him and his restaurants are all the hype. I have been wanting to try his food for awhile now.

The location of his restaurant in Canary Wharf is great. The display of fresh seasonal vegetables, rustic bread, and pasta machines was my cup of tea. The food was great too, but to be honest, it wasn't like crazy amazing like I kinda expected/heard about. I think with expectations set as high as Jamie Oliver's celebrity status there is bound to be an easy disappointment. I also think I ordered the wrong thing. Thinking that his restaurant is called "Jamie's Italian" I thought I should order some pasta, but I quickly noticed after I ordered that the seafood and meat is probably where I should have paid more attention to. They looked daaang good.
Either way, the food was still really good, my date was looking dapper, my coke hit the right spot for me, and we still had a great evening ahead of us.

Off to The Apollo Victoria Theatre to our first time seeing Wicked! I know, where have I been? Apparently, living under a rock. It was REALLY good. I LOVED it! The show lived up to its reputation, for sure.

(The feb photo a day for today is self-portrait. I really hate self-portraits. Grudgingly I post a pic of me inside the theatre waiting for the show to start.)

I DO love the tube though. I take back the comment many, many months ago when we first moved here and when I said something like, "Who the heck would want a keepsake of the map of the tube?" I have come a long way.
Looking forward to my next date night with this dashing fellow!

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