Sunday, February 5, 2012

#febphoto day 5

We must have stared out the window for a good half an hour last night watching the first snowflakes of this winter season! It was calm and peaceful and the snow quickly silenced the hustle and bustle of London.

This morning we were {this} close to skipping church. It wasn't until we were passing the National Maritime Museum and watching a hand full of people sledding down the massive hill behind it where we regretted our decision. Next time, for sure!

Today's photo a day challenge is 10 AM. This is what it looked like outside at 10 AM while we were inside at church.

London is even more charming in snow, isn't it?

After church we quickly ate lunch and headed straight for Greenwich Park. Shauna graciously offered her sleds and snow gear to us. My little snow bunnies looked so stinkin cute.

Once we entered the park, Tim and I put the girls on the sleds and dragged them around for awhile trying to find a good hill for us. The girls giggled the entire time.

I can't even begin to say how much we love living right next door to one of the best parks in London. We can honestly say we absolutely love where we live. Everyone at the park today was so happy and the happiness filled Greenwich Park so much that you could feel it. Such a change from the normal attitude felt in this big city!

Greenwich Park is filled with hills. It was easy to find many that weren't packed with people. The really huge hills had already lost its snow from so many people going down it already but we still found plenty of really good ones.

It was funny to see Marisa and Tim going so fast on a particular hill because Marisa's eyes were closed due to their speed and snow flying in her face, and yet, all the while she had the biggest smile! Marisa did not want to stop going down the hills. Whether is was by herself or with one of us, she kept going.  Natalie just enjoyed being dragged around or dragging the sled herself.

When it came time to head home Marisa was not ready. So Tim and Natalie went ahead whilst Marisa and I stayed behind a bit longer going on a really sweet hill twice! We loved it!

After some hot chocolate, and a warm dinner, we suddenly began to hear fireworks outside (nothing unusual, I swear we see/hear fireworks every weekend) and it quickly dawned on me that today Greenwich becomes a Royal Borough!
I was so side tracked by today's fun activities that I totally forgot about all the events taking place in the city centre. We quickly turned off the lights and watched a fantastic 20 minute firework show. What a perfect way to end a perfect day!

And yes, living in a Royal Borough now makes us royalty. Would you kindly refer to me as "Your Royal Highness" in your best possible British accent. Cheers.

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shannon said...

So glad you made it out on the sleds! Looked like so much fun. I absolutely love London's park culture, every season of the year!


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