Friday, February 3, 2012

#febphoto day 3

Marisa waiting for her third ballet class to start.

Marisa has been looking forward to the day she could start ballet since we promised her in CA that she could begin lessons in London. I, on the other hand, have been looking forward to this day since I knew she was a girl still in the womb.
I am a second generation dancer. My mother and I have danced our whole lives since age 3. It's in my blood.

After Marisa's first dance class a few weeks ago, her teacher came up to me to discuss the fact that Marisa needed to move up a level because of how well she did during class. She said she was amazed at her technique and ability to really focus. When I told her that it was her first dance class ever she was floored.
"Wow. I thought for sure she had classes before!"
Marisa did Momma proud!
And how rad is it that Marisa can say that she was London ballet trained??!

P.S And what is even more rad is that at the end of class all the little girls line up and do a slight bend at the knee all whilst saying, "Thank you, Miss (Insert teacher's name)." How proper and so freaking cute is that!

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