Friday, February 17, 2012

#febphoto day 17

Time seems to be the million dollar focus right now.
I'm anxiously awaiting for busy season to end. First, to see my husband of course. Second, it means spring is around the corner. Third, which means the fun begins again. We will have our first visitors from back home (aside from family) and then right after that we literally have back to back holidays planned all the way through end of August. I can't wait for time to pass by right now! Time is going by so slow, yet so fast. It is already the end of Feb! Come on, come on!
I can feel springtime around the corner...
Greenwich Park is looking even more fantastic for Olympic time...
And military time is second nature.

And just for fun, this is Natalie putting herself in time-out a few days ago after hitting her sister. haha
She totally had this look on her face before she turned around to face the corner like, "I would rather put myself here than hear a lecture from you."

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