Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#febphoto day 14

I heart Valentine's Day! Aside from Christmas, Valentines' Day is my next fav holiday.
Loads of pink, red, flowers, love songs, hearts, candy, love notes, what's not to love?

I started off this morning by making a big Valentine's Day breakfast for the loves of my life along with exchanging love notes and gifts.

But we mustn't forget the pink milk! I actually found pink Nesquick here! The girls thought it was awesome.

With Tim being so busy I wasn't sure if I was going to see him at all today but luckily he was able to meet us up for dinner AND manage to surprise us by not going back to work afterwards!

The girls were so excited when we were all getting ready for our "date" with dad. Natalie was so cute while I was doing her hair. She said, "We have to get ready...for the restaurant...with Dad!"

The girls have always been pretty well-behaved when going out to eat, but they have become way better since moving in a country where kids behave really, really well in restaurants. Natalie specifically has come a long way.

Cutting with a knife and fork! Yes, folks, we are all witnessing a monumental moment. I never taught her to do this.
Marisa also said something cute during dinner. When I told our waiter that "the girls will have a strawberry sundae" Marisa with concern looks at Tim and says, "I don't want a strawberry Sunday! I want a strawberry Tuesday!" (Today is Tuesday. She didn't want to wait until Sunday to have her treat. haha)

On the way home, Tim pulls out more of his fun, sweet surprises for the girls in his life.
One of the things I loved about Tim when we first met was his nerdyness. It's true. He has some quirky sides to him and it makes me laugh every time. I love it. When Tim proposed to me it was truly unique and done in a complete Tim fashion. To give you a little bit of insight part of it had to do with him pulling out a rose, a bottle of juice, a candy bar, and the engagement ring all from his jacket. All the while I had no idea he had that all on him! So in lieu of that, Tim pulls the same Houdini trick on the girls tonight. He slowly starts to pull out two big happy faced Hotel Chocolate lollipops from his jacket. haha The girls began jumping up and down in delight. It was cute.

For me my love did get me a bar of Hotel Chocolat from his jacket too. :) (And I forgot to mention that on my birthday date night Tim managed to pull out my fav red velvet cupcake.) And I'm not kidding. Hotel Chocolat is THE BEST CHOCOLATE EVER. Hands down. And I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope yours was as sweet as mine!

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Kari said...

I "heart" you guys! Those girls are so super duper cute. And I can't wait to eat some chocolate with you in London!


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