Saturday, February 4, 2012

#febphoto day 4

Just a few days ago I read a post of when Marisa turned 2 1/2 years old. And now, my baby Natalie is there.

When Marisa turned 3 I vividly remember thinking that she could stop at that age and I would be perfectly happy. It was hard for me to manage when she turned 4 and it will be hard once more as she turns 5 in a few months. Even worse, thinking that my baby will be 3 this year, I'm WAY sad!

I can't get ahead of myself though. For I'm truly eating up each day I have with my two lovely girls and watching them blossom. I can honestly say that I feel lucky that my full-time job is to be a mother. A mother of the two most precious gifts I have here on earth. They are my world, my everything.
This is my little spunk in a nutshell at 2 1/2:

Natalie is a spunky, sassy, sweet, curious, and darling 2 year old. She has her daddy's sillyness and teasing personality and her mother's sassyiness yet tender heart. And boy, does she know what buttons to press when it comes to Marisa! She is a very passionate person and my child of extremes. She is either WAY sad or WAY happy or WAY spazy/energetic/bubbly or WAY destructive. No middle ground when it comes to emotions.

A small example of this is during bedtime when I kiss her good night. She almost always responds to my kiss on her lips with a yell, "No! Harder!" and then wraps her hand around my neck, pulls me in and lands her kissy lips as hard as she can on mine. And if that one wasn't hard enough she yells again, "No! Harder!" and the cycle continues on until she is satisfied.

But at the same time Natalie is so tender. She loves to cuddle with mommy and she likes to caress me whilst telling me that she loves me. She is always ready and willing to smoother me with kisses. I totally baby her and she loves being babied. She is still a momma's girl. Except when I put her in time-out she yells for daddy.

A bit about Natalie:
Favourite animal: cat
Favourite food: la-luh-low-lee = ravioli (butternut squash to be exact)
Favourite book: Madeline in London by Ludwig Bemelmans
Favourite game: playing dress-up; she probably wears 3-4 different outfits a day. She has quite the imagination.
"Miss-a" = Marisa
"maddie" = mad
"saddie" = sad
"mank-you" = thank you
We love you so much, baby girl. Daddy and I feel so blessed to have you in our lives. You are so precious to us and we are lucky to call you ours. Kisses, sweetheart!

And of course, on to today's photo a day challenge:

A stranger.

Strangers on the bus. Oh, except for that cute little girl sitting in the front.

(I was going to post a picture of Tim since lately it seems like he has been a stranger around here. Thanks for all your hard work, love. Hang in there.)

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