Sunday, February 19, 2012

#febphoto day 19

I don't mean for yesterday's post and today's post to be bashing London posts, because they aren't. This all just comes with the territory of living in a foreign land. It is all part of the experience and part of the experience that I wanted and wouldn't trade for the world.

With that said, doing laundry in the UK is something I hate to do. You. have. no. idea. Ok, some of you do. And those of you that do, can I get an AMEN SISTA! Doing laundry bites over here.

This is a washer AND dryer in one. It blows. It is really small and if I want to dry something I have to pick 1, maybe 2, items to throw in and dry them for almost 2 hours. I'm not kidding when I say that laundry takes all day long.
So those of you who have lived in Europe before are very familiar with this drying rack...

I took this picture when we first moved here. This is how I dry my clothes. The end result is stiff dry clothes with creases from drying on the rack with a slight mildew smell. The mildew smell is from constantly having to air dry them and from the inside of the washer/dryer where my clothes get wet and barely dry in the exact same area. Wet + slight warm air = mildew smell. We plan on throwing out a lot of our clothes when we move back to the states.

Mark my words: "I will never complain about doing laundry again in the states."

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shannon said...

So many truths spoken here! Seriously you WON'T ever complain about laundry again. The horrifying experience of laundry in Europe scars you for life and makes laundry a joy back in the states. And yes, you will throw out most of your clothes. These washer/dryer combos are a death march for clothes!


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