Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#febphoto day 21

I absolutely hate pictures of me. Hate it. I have always been this way and I have always known that I am not a photogenic person. I would much rather have someone meet me face to face to judge what I look like than looking at a photo of me.
So for today's challenge, this is my fav photo of me.

I love this photo of us. I have the most darling girls.
And I have not liked a single picture of me since then; Dec 2010.

I know I need to get over this and I know I need to take more pictures of me for my posterity's sake. I don't want my kids to grow up and look back at all our family pictures and never see me. Although I prefer being behind the camera, I think I am going to make it a goal and more of an effort from here on out to be in pictures more. We will see how this goes!

1 comment:

shannon said...

Am I allowed to say you're delusional? :) I consider you unbelievably photogenic. Gorgeous on film and in person!


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