Friday, February 24, 2012

#febphoto day 24

Inside my bathroom cabinet.
With small, very expensive flats/homes, storage space is basically non-existant or at least extremely limited. I have a pretty big kitchen by London standards and the storage space is barely enough for the absolute essentials for a kitchen. I have a hallway storage closet that is pretty small too but I'm so grateful we have it because I have no idea where I would put the things I have stuffed in there.
The bathroom is the most different place not to have any storage space/cabinets. In typical European fashion you put all your bathroom essentials on top of ledges.

You have no idea what this does to my OCDness. I like things clean and well organized. Not out in the open. How tacky looking is that? Oh well, it is what it is.

Another British thing that you might find interesting is that there are no outlets in bathrooms. Zero. I know, right? The only "outlet" is this.

We don't ever use it. So where do I blow dry my hair and do my hair? In the hallway, of course! (How does that make any sense and how annoying is that?) This is where I get ready.

I get ready in the hallway, right in front of our front door. The door you see above is the door to our storage closet. The front door is on the right opposite of the wall.
Pretty different, huh?

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