Sunday, February 26, 2012

#febphoto day 26

I was lazy and didn't take a picture for today. To be honest, I wasn't feeling up to being creative with today's challenge of "night". I just envisioned myself taking a picture of black. So I'm cheating for today and I am going to use previous pictures I have taken of my little Natalie.

Many of you might be familiar with this post I did of Marisa when she started weening out naps at barely over 2 years old. Natalie was/is not as good of a sleeper as Marisa was/is, but weening off of naps at barely over 2 years old is still a huge adjustment.
Although she wouldn't fall asleep just anywhere like Marisa, I was able to get her to sleep on the days she needed it only by sitting her in front of the TV. There were very few moments where she just feel asleep anywhere on her own. So here is Natalie's version of "night- night" times the past several months.


Sara said...

Love the one with the lollopop in her mouth. She is too cute!!

Kari said...

Those are the cutest sleeping pictures ever! I love her!


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