Sunday, February 12, 2012

#febphoto day 12

During a short weekend trip to San Diego with our friends we got to reminiscing with them of when Tim and I first started dating. They remember having asked Tim, "So what's she like?" Tim's response, which I had learned for the first time on that trip was, "She likes to shop."
What?? Really?? THAT is the first thing you tell people about me?
I'm not denying that I don't like to shop, but you could have at least said something a little more ... impressive!

Yes, I like to shop and I have a natural taste for expensive things. I blame genetics? On pinterest I have a board titled, "My Closet" which has been brillant for me because I basically play pretend.
Today's feb photo a day challenge is "inside my closet". This is what I wish was inside my closet.

It is my dream wardrobe. If I were to have whatever I wanted, this would all be it. Here are a few of my recent absolute loves.

Sadly, I don't have these items in my closet. But I do have this 2 year old monster in my closet instead. She's pretty darn cute. I'll keep her.

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