Monday, November 21, 2011

baby it's foggy outside!

2 days in a row we have had some really thick fog. Yesterday morning when I walked out of bed and walked past all the front windows I had to do a double take because I literally could only see a grayish/whitish color fill the whole view outside. It was as if our flat had been transported inside a cloud in the middle of night. It was pretty weird to see.

Up close though this is what we saw right outside our window. Only one street over and that was it.

This morning it wasn't too bad but still pretty foggy. I'm glad we went on an afternoon walk around Greenwich Park yesterday afternoon in this thick fog though. I so wish I had my camera then. It really was quite the sight. iphone photos had to do.

I love that Londoners take walks through the park regularly. It is so refreshing and relaxing. No matter how cold or foggy, it is quite lovely. Especially with my loves.

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