Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It wasn't until later this afternoon when it hit me that Thanksgiving is tomorrow! While everyone is gathered together for the holidays we will be at home eating leftover chicken pie and peas. :) We do have two Thanksgivings this weekend to make up for it though. Mmmm...

Today was a very productive day. I got so much done that when Tim came home around 7:45, I had everything cleaned, everything ready for tomorrow's activities, and both girls asleep in bed.

It is rare that Tim I have hours all to ourselves. It was great!
I love that our life is so much more simple in many ways, (not in other ways), here in London. And tonight is proof.

We sat on our simple couch, looking at our simple yet quite amazing "big screen tv" views of the city, Michael Buble playing in the background, our little Christmas tree twinkling in our flat,

and hot chocolate in my "her majesty" mug I got from Wales.

Oh, and I can't forget my Yankee Candle filling our flat with the sweet aroma of Christmas!

Simple. But this is what I am loving about life right now.

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Baby Making Mama said...

Sounds like a perfect night and life! I'm so glad you four are havingso much fun! I look at your two little girls and realize I want another GIRL so bad! Ugh, how can you stand the cuteness? Who the heck needs boys?!


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