Tuesday, November 29, 2011

reading lessons

So Marisa is still on the waiting list for the schools I want her to attend. I could reapply this December, but I have decided for various reasons to hold off and take an alternative route.
I have decided to home educate.
And I never thought I would do that in a million years.
Shauna actually home schools her 3 children, her oldest being almost 11, and is a fantastic resource for home schooling as she is a school teacher herself and has done this for many, many years. Plus, she is a full blown home educator and has immersed herself in so much of this especially in the US and in the UK.
She gave me some great resources to home school for the Kindergarten year and to be honest, I am SO excited. I ordered two curriculum from the states: Five In A Row (FIAR) and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

I fully plan on Marisa attending school here next Fall but for now this is our plan. In UK standards she is supposed to be in Reception (Kindergarten) right now and start Year 1 (First grade)next fall. But obviously in US standards she isn't supposed to start Kindergarten until next year!

So obviously I'm not worried for her for when we move back to the states. And I'm not even worried for her here either honestly. She will start Year 1 next fall and be right with everybody if not still a little ahead.

We are going to start the main courses in January, and even swap a couple days with Shauna so Elyse and Marisa can "school" together, but we have already started on the reading lessons as Marisa is naturally begging to be challenged more. According to the SRA DISTAR Reading Program Marisa should be able to read on a solid second-grade reading level after the 100 lessons!

Here is Marisa reading on only Lesson 24.


Stephanie said...

I have thought that's what I would do, too, if I were overseas. I totally am a spaz when it comes to what my kids are learning- I would be doing the exact same thing. I have a friend who uses that system. I use a different one, but they are very similar. Scotty is way ahead of his kindergarten class and I'm not so sure that's a great thing either but he wanted to read so I just thought I needed to teach him. You will do great! You have the drive. And with your motivation you're halfway there.

Elaine said...

Way to go Marisa.

shannon said...

She is such a bright girl and will not skip a beat! Way to take matters into your own hands when the crazy UK school enrolment scheme fails! Go team Hart! PS reception is equivalent to pre-school or pre-K and year 1 is equivalent to kindergarten. Year 2 is first grade, etc.

L said...

Wow Tan, you are supermom! I'm impressed. Marissa is amazing - such a smart girl!!

L said...


Kelly H. said...

Totally did the "100 easy lessons" book with both my girls. They are phenomenal readers & above their grade level. I tell everyone I can to use it. I loved it because when they started Kindergarten they had reading down pat & could focus on excelling in other areas - How awesome is it that YOU were the one to teach your child to read.


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