Monday, November 7, 2011

my American stash

There is a Trader Joe's bag in my house,
There is a Trader Joe's bag in my house,
There is a Trader Joe's bag in my house!

When Shannon asked me to make a list of things I wanted for her to bring over to London I was quite surprised when I reviewed my list that it was mainly rubbish I wanted. It is not like we ate these things regularly in the states, but we just wanted a few one-of-a-kind American treats. Something to keep us going for the next 2 years.

It felt like Christmas morning when I unpacked the loot today. I had totally forgotten what I even put on the list so it was extra special getting my American stash.

My American Stash:

- Strawberry yogurt O's cereal (Marisa and I had a huge smile when we saw these boxes. Marisa even almost cried when she said, "I miss these from California!")
-Puffins cereal
-Enchilada Sauce (You will not believe how disgusting "Mexican" type food products are here. Example: Tim once ordered a carne asada burrito that he said, "...tasted like roast beef." How's that for a major disappointment?)
-Poppy seed dressing (You literally only have 3 types of dressings here; Ranch, Ceasar, Balsamic. All disgusting. Now I can eat loads of salad again!)
-Whole Wheat Goldfish
-Chocolate chips
-Chocolate covered pretzels
-Captain crunch (Tim's one and only request. Really??)

Yes, I took a picture of the TJs bag. Don't judge unless you have been in my shoes. :)

Natalie doesn't even remember Goldfish but Marisa sure did! All smiles come snack time! Thanks again Shannon for bringing the loot and hanging out with us!


Kari said...

I miss Trader Joe's too and I didn't even go there as much as you. This morning I went to the grocery store and a girl there had a Trader Joe's bag and it made me miss home.

Aubrey said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Tanya! I can't believe how old we are getting either hence the candles Brent got me. I still feel like we should be 14 and 15 too! I love following all of your families adventures! I am a frequent visitor to your blog!

Lindsie said...

I think those of us who have had TJs and now don't know exactly what you're going through. And American food you want and can't get . . . you want it more. And it will be worse when you come back to America and want European food and can't get it. The European yogurt, chocolate Muesli, petit au lait cookies. I want them all. I'm glad you have a Trader Joe's bag in your home. Smiles all around.

L said...

I'm SOO happy you got your American favorites!! I'm so glad you posted this - it helps me not take TJ's and other things for granted. I miss you Tan!! XOXO!

shannon said...

Makes me smile to see those girls reunited with their beloved Goldfish! And seriously, unless you've been there, it's hard to fathom the deep joy a few tastes from home bring. Anyone who comes to stay with us must bring us food from America as their lodging fee :) Oh, how I wish Trader Joes would open a London store. Hey, Whole Foods did it, so you never know!


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