Friday, November 11, 2011

could have been worse

Tim and I have been married for almost 5 1/2 years now. And I'd like to have you know that I have only successfully made chocolate chip cookies once.
Yup, believe it.
And that "once" was literally a couple weeks ago.
(And did you know that Tim's favourite food is chocolate chip cookies? I'm such a dang good wife.)

But to my defense?, maybe?, I hate baking. I find no joy in it. The only thing that I think is ok to bake is cookies, but apparently, it is not even in the stars for me to do that.

Tonight we were expecting all 4 of our missionaries over for dinner and so of course, the first thing to go wrong were the cookies. Check them out...

Flat. Runny. Sick. A quick text to hubby, who was still at work, saying, "Get ice cream."

Next thing to go wrong tonight...
While I'm cooking I have Natalie at the kitchen counter using the kids' scissors to practise cutting. No problem, I'm right there supervising. Marisa then calls for me for some help in the other room. I leave for literally 10 seconds and come back to Natalie's head tilted forward, locks of hair in one hand, and Natalie saying, "Mommy, cut hair."

My instant reaction?
I scream.
We are taking family pictures tomorrow.
Of course, this would happen right?!!!

Luckily...the hair in her hands and counter initially looked worse than what it really was.
And when I told the missionaries that we were having ice cream and not chocolate chip cookies as planned they pleaded to see the cookies despite my protest and literally devoured it all leaving only 1 1/2 cookies left in the bag.

All is well, again. Whew.

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