Tuesday, November 8, 2011

our red buses

(waiting for the bus)

My kids are going to have a serious complex when we move back to the states.

Tim and I always joke that whenever they are going to hear the word "bus", they are just going to take off sprinting!

That is pretty much how we roll here. Especially when trying to catch the bus that goes by our house because it only comes every 15 minutes and Marisa doesn't really like walking up our steep hill to our house if we do miss it.

I couldn't help but laugh this afternoon when I saw our bus come right by us as we were approaching the bus stop and I tell Marisa, "There is our bus! Run!"

Without thinking twice she instantly goes into sprint mode and she yells, "EXCUSE ME!" really loud to the many people in front of us on this very narrow sidewalk. haha I started laughing as all the people look behind them to see Marisa holding on to the buggy and me pushing Natalie in the buggy sprinting full speed ahead! haha I was so surprised at Marisa's assertiveness! That a girl!

Everytime we successfully catch our bus, and after we find our places, we always exchange smiles in accomplishment and I give her a thumbs up.

And yes, today we caught the bus.


L said...

SQUEEZE those precious girls for me! Seriously, SQUEEZE THEM!! Natalie is looking so grown up, I can't believe it! Her smile is to die for, and I love her outfit (no surprises there)!!

L said...

P.S. I'm loving this post-a-day thing!! :) Please do it forever. Okay?

Kari said...

That sounds like fun to catch the bus! I love that picture of Natalie.

JoJo said...

I'm dying over this post! I used to be too prideful to run when I was late, and the first few weeks here I silently mocked the people who were running to catch the bus. It wasn't long before I let that go! Ha! Anyway- we run for buses all the time now.


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