Thursday, November 17, 2011

there is a first for everything

Marisa and Natalie are obsessed with cats. They pretend to be cats all. day. long., at home and in public, they reply back to us with their cat voices, and they ask us if we can have a cat of our own in the house. Answer: Never.

But I don't mind friends who have cats so that the girls can get their dose of cats in their lives. My good friend Jana has two cats. Perfect. She has told my girls for months now to come over and see the cats and we finally did.

Jana even opened up cat treats for the girls so they can have fun feeding the cats. No less than 2 minutes after we arrived and after she opened the cat food....

Natalie ate the cat food.

I just see her quickly walk by me with her jaw moving and I grab her arm to ask, "What is in your mouth?" With no hesitation she opens her mouth and I see orange stuff all in the inside of her mouth. "Kitty!" was her reply to my disgusted face.

I even thought about reminding her that we don't eat cat food when Jana first opened the treat box but I thought, "Nah, she is getting old for that. She knows better now."

So sick. Now we know she likes chicken and cheese flavored cat food!

1 comment:

Elaine said...

That is funny. It probably doesn't taste that bad, but I wouldn't try it.


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