Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today really felt like Thanksgiving. We all slept in a little bit, no where to be first thing in the morning. It felt great, lazy, and Thanksgivingish.
I have been looking forward to eating and celebrating Thanksgiving with Shannon and her family since they invited us over. She has been such a blessing in my life in so many ways. Seriously. I'm thankful for her this Thanksgiving!

When we first arrived to the Ashton home one of Trevon's first words to us after we said hi was, "I have a big head!" haha Love it. We felt right at home with them instantly. Thanks again Ashtons!

Marisa and Trevon reunited again since less than a year old! 

Madeleine was so sweet to the girls. Here she is braiding Natalie's hair whilst watching a movie. And needless to say the girls ate up her attention. They didn't want to leave!

Natalie graced our presence with her majesty. She was so stinkin cute all dolled up as a princess.

It was a Happy Thanksgiving!

Now after a wonderful night, we are preparing for round 2 tomorrow. Thanksgiving with all the Americans in our ward. I am cooking two turkeys through the night as we speak.
This is my first time having to prepare a turkey. And I must say, that I don't blame people going vegetarian. I was actually pretty sickened by the meat. Tim had to do all the giblet, neck, who knows what, to prepare it. I just seasoned it from afar. And can I ask...

What the CRAP is that???

Those look like scales.
If I didn't have the picture of a yummy delicious tasting turkey as the end result I would have become vegetarian right then and there.

I'm setting my alarm clock for every 3 hours through the night basically. Tomorrow I have to make gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce for almost 30 people. Wish me luck!

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shannon said...

Wow! You sure know how to make a girl feel good! We are so happy you were able to join us for Thanksgiving. And I'm so glad you feel at home amidst all our craziness! I'm still loving that photo of Marisa and Trevon staring at the TV. Hilarious twin entrancement! We are so glad you're a part of our London family. We love the Harts!


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