Friday, November 25, 2011

daddy's work

Tonight we visited Daddy's work for the first time. We get to see Daddy's work everyday right outside our window with all the many tall buildings just right across the other side of the river Thames. It's beautiful to see at night. Well, London is beautiful to see at night period.

The girls were so excited. Especially Marisa. It was actually great insight for me to see Tim's everyday atmosphere and compare it to mine. Very different! The mass of grey and black suits, jackets, and skirts scattered about busily working like ants on a hill in really fancy and modern buildings.

Once we walked into the actual office area Tim works in it got pretty hilarious. Everyone Tim worked with simultaneously stopped what they were doing, stood up in front of their computers, and stared at the girls with huge smiles on their faces and couldn't stop "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing".
They were super friendly to the girls, asking them questions about Thanksgiving and American football (as if my 4 year old and 2 year old care). One lady even asked out loud, "Which one is the one with the cat food?" Grrreeeat. Tim has been sharing hilarious/embarrassing information apparently.

The girls then sat at Tim's desk where Tim handed them chocolates from his cabinet. But just when they thought their Daddy was cool the lady who sits behind Tim pulls out these huge, fancy, expensive chocolate bars and allowed the girls to pick one each!!
AND THEN, several men came walking together and handed the girls bags of chocolate like MnMs and Malteasers balls. I was laughing. You would have thought baby Jesus had arrived and they were all taking turns walking slowly toward the honored guests bearing gifts. hahaha Very nice gesture though. Just hilarious to see.
The girls were given stickers, paper to draw on and were absolutely adored on. Their presence is now requested every Friday.

During our dinner out at Nando's (addicted), Marisa asked Tim, "Dad, can you teach me how to make money at your work?" I believe they had a great time at Daddy's work. Do you blame them?


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