Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a typical day

Today started out like any other day.
Wake up,
get us ready to take Marisa to school,
start walking down the hill where we see the same lady riding her really squeaky bike with her son, see the same people in their tight European suits and tennis shoes with skirts walking to the train to head to work, watch the same red bus go pass us up the hill, see the same two kids on their scooters right outside their door as they await for their mother to take them to school, and see the same bus we take come around the corner.

I've been asked before, so what do you do all day? I'll tell ya.

Every morning is the same as mentioned above. But once I drop off Marisa it is just me and Natalie and London becomes our little Oyster. I love this one on one time and really looked forward to it when Marisa started school here. Just me and this cute little girl for a couple of hours.

It is really hard to find a balance to pay attention to each child. I have felt awful for Natalie being the second child and naturally getting lost in things that I focused so much time on with Marisa. And even vice versa. How am I going to divide my attention with more kids? It makes me nervous thinking about it.

I've mentioned before that London has SO many things for children under 5. So much so that just in my little town alone, I go to a different playgroup every single day and even each day I have many options. And lets not forget that I have all of London too! So my options could really be endless.

9:15 we drop Marisa off and we head to a playgroup/activity for the day. And we have fun.

I will forever treasure these moments with Natalie. Love her.


Elaine said...

That sure looks like a fun playgroup.

L said...

Okay, so I'm picking up on the fact that playgroup doesn't mean the same thing there. What is it? Do you stay with her? Does it cost money? The activities look so cute!


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