Friday, November 18, 2011

looking french

I have never had to cut Natalie's hair yet. I can't believe it. With Marisa we have cut her hair at least once every year of her life since less than a year old because she has always had SO much hair.
But Natalie's has reached to a point that although I like the length, it is getting stringy, thin at the ends, and you can just tell it needs some trimming of the baby hair to continue to grow healthier. So first haircut here we go!

Natalie has this cute little petite face and features so I thought I would try a new do with her. I wanted a cute bob. Like a longer bob. I told the lady I wanted it to go to her mid neck but she straight up gave her a real bob! To the end of her ear!

Marisa has responded to her sister's new do as, "Her hair is weird." Oh well. Hair grows and she will have her head in a hat all winter anyways. Tim and I are both sad to see her little curls go. The little brown curls we have grown to love seeing bounce all over the place as she runs the streets of London, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Paris...

It is a fun little change though. Doesn't she look French chic?


Stacy Christian said...

I'm pretty sure there is no hair cut that would look bad on that sweet little face! Both of your girls are seriously beautiful!

Elaine said...

She looks so much older. She is cute.


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